Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Perfectly Normal

We had our first trimester screen yesterday and the news was good.  Or, as I keep repeating in my head, the perinatologist told us that everything was "perfectly normal."  

I love perfectly normal.  I have absolutely no interest in "perfect" alone.  It's an impossible goal and statistically unrealistic.  We don't live in Lake Woebegone;  most children are "average". In my world, average is not only good, it's wonderful.  

So yes, heart rates for both twins at 160 something.  I was 11 weeks 5 days yesterday and they were measuring 11w6d and 12w0d. Their nuchal folds are thin.  Perfectly normal.  

I also had a wonderful conversation with our perinatologist, a man whom I now consider the best doctor I have.  As a research scientist, I don't expect doctors 1) to be up to date on the research, much less 2) able to effectively critique it.  Indeed, when I brought my OB a copy of Dr. Luke's research on the effectiveness of her nutritional program from a top peer reviewed journal, I attached my own critique of the study's strengths and weaknesses.  (Overall, my critique is that the effect sizes are so large that her program should be given serious consideration for mothers of twins) Anyhoo, my perinatologist was able to use his knowledge of the research to logically convince me that I can go off the Lovenox at the end of the first trimester (Saturday) without harming the babies.  He also said he would support me if I decided to stay on the meds, but there is no research based reason to do so---because I do not have a diagnosed thrombophilia problem.  

I'm not sure all my doctors understand how much I know about evaluating and interpreting research, but I do think that he understands research better than my other doctors.  

So things are moving apace.  I thought everything was going to be ok with the twins, because I am HUNGRY a lot of the day.  And I am TIRED the rest of the time.  I've never been this hungry or tired, so it seemed like all was going the way it should.  

We're off for a family vacation next week.  Happy New Year to everyone!  May we all have an easy year reaching our dreams.


Summer said...

How perfectly wonderful!

So happy for your news.

midlife mommy said...

Perfectly normal is all anyone can ask for, and I'm glad that's what you have.