Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Am Happy

I feel like blogs have served more of a purpose for me to worry and complain.

However, yesterday was my birthday. It was a "big" year and felt meaningful. And, it was by far the happiest birthday I can remember for one very important reason: my family is complete. Everyone who is supposed to be here is here. I am absolutely and totally in love with my family.

For those of you still moving down this path: it is so amazingly worth it when you finally reach then end. CHOOSE THE RIGHT CLINIC and join me at the end with your child(ren). (And should you also choose donor egg, for the sake of your children, please deal with your ambivalence about a genetic connection before you get pregnant)

Whether it's adoption, IVF, surrogate, blended family or donor sperm/egg, I hope *your* path takes you to your desired destination.

Happiness is fleeting so I am enjoying it (as sleep deprived as I am) as much as I can.