Friday, July 5, 2013

Doing Something Right

Yesterday, my older son started talking about our family history.  He shared how he was born and then how we had lost so many babies and that we went to get some help from a doctor with more eggs and then we got the twins and how everything is perfect and wonderful and we have our family.

This is the "normal" of how we tell the story of creating our family within our family.  No one else knows that we did what we did.  But for us, it's completely normal.  I did push a little saying that  he was a little bit more like me because of my eggs, but that his brother and sister were so similar too that it was a bit shocking.  I think he understood enough and then changed the conversation to Power Rangers or something like that.

I continue to be amazed that all 3 of the kids have my unusual hair;  that my older son and my twin son look similar enough to be "twins;" and that my daughter is so similar to me that we could be a case study in epigenetics.

It was absolutely worth it to get to this stage of our journey.

I hope our story helps others along this path, too.