Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Take a Guess

Kelly Preston, age 47, is pregnant. Go figure, eh?

What is sad or frustrating or whatever you want to call it is all the women who are currently struggling to get pg via regular IVF and can't. And they think it's due to the extra money she has to spend.

I completely understand her desire to keep the DE origins quiet, but it doesn't help make DE normal for the rest of society.


Kara's Mom said...

I hate how celebrities get pregnant at later stages in life and don't admit to DE, but hey, just because they're famous, doesn't meam they aren't entitled to some sense of privacy, right? I'm not telling a soul about DE - not family, not the child. I will tell other Infertiles, but it's not for public consumption.

Sky said...

Unfortunately, this only adds to the massive confusion in the infertility world that leads to enormous disappointment.

Women (like me once) truly and honestly believe they can get pregnant with their genetic offspring at 48 - as long as they can fund IVF.


I don't actually blame the Travolta's for not disclosing but I DO blame the media for not picking up on this and doing a 20/20 story on older celebrity moms and interview the best IF doctors in the country asking what the chances are of a woman over 45 having a baby with her own eggs.

When the public hears those stats (I think it's well under 1%), they'll understand what's gone on here with a very long list of celebrities. And maybe that would demystify donor eggs (as donor sperm is) a bit and give all of us (children included) an easier time.

Kami said...

I am right there with you.

I used to think I was aware of diminishing infertility with age. I was, to some degree, but looking back I realize I thought my 42 year old friend would get pregnant with just a few cycles of DS IUI. It could have happened, of course, but the odds were not in her favor.

I agree with Sky too.