Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another DE Mommy Friend In Real Life

I have met another woman in real life who used DE to complete their family!!

Not only that, she's in my same profession, is about my same age, has my same relatively uncommon hobbies as I do, and her children are about the same as ours!

Plus, I like her!

We are both open to our children and a few other adults, but not so much with the world. We had lunch yesterday and it was so nice to talk to another woman who understands what it's like to have gone through this process and end up with the children we're supposed to have.

Plus, I like her!!

New friends aren't easy to find once you have children and a career. Finding a new one who seems to fit the the odd dimensions of one's life easily is a real treat.


Bee Cee said...

Isn't it great! I've met 3 DE mummies all within 10 minutes of me. Two have children the same age (and boys as well) and one is pregnant. I feel so lucky I've got new friends in the same position as me, I'm sure they'll be a big help and support as the babies get older.

Summer said...

It's great to find people on the same path as you but even better when you end up liking them! And I think that as your kids get older, it will be nice that they know other people who were also conceived via donor eggs. Win, Win, Win!

DE Mommy said...


I am so selfish, I didn't even think about how good this will be for the kids to have friends whose birth backgrounds are so similar. Especially since two of the children are already very close friends!

Bonus, bonus, bonus!