Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Moms after 40

This series of pictures gives such false hope to women out there; it's celebrities who have had children after 40. Of the 20 celebrities they list, I suggest that the following used donor eggs. Oddly, the only person who is suggested to have used donor eggs was Elizabeth Edwards, probably because Real People analyzed her life (not just celebrity gossips)

Probably used Donor Eggs:
Kelly Preston
Jayne Seymour
Susan Sarandon (??? Can't tell. Could have used FET from her first IVF)
Beverly D'Angelo
Holly Hunter
Marcia Cross
Marcia Gay Harden
Elizabeth Edwards
Geena Davis

So why am I so sure? It is highly...HIGHLY unlikely that anyone over 40 gets pregnant using IVF, much less has twins. I know, from friends, that it happens. But the odds are that none of those women, who had twins or got pg after 46 used their own eggs.

There is nothing wrong with that---obviously!---but be honest 1) to use your "power" for destigmatizing donor eggs and 2) to take always false hopes from regular folks.

Just my kvetching.


Loren said...

Very Interesting. And kind of sad. This perpetuates shame in using donor eggs to start your family. At least it is good to see women past 40 being able to have a family, but gosh it'd be nice if there wasn't so much expectations in lying. thanks for the link. L

marilynn said...

But then your blog is anonymous.