Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5 Years Old

The twins turn 5 years old in one week.  That is crazy.

Their super cousin is over 2 years old.

How could have it be any different than it is?  These are our perfect children.  This is  our perfect family.  I love that all three of our children look alike.  I love that  my daughter is exactly like me.  I love that they know everything that has happened and it's "just how it happened for us."

The nice thing about this being an anonymous blog is that I can be openly judgmental.  Adoption and DE are not for everyone.  If you have issues of needing a genetic connection to your children, don't adopt and don't use donor gametes.  If you do not have time or the emotional insight for adoption or DE, do NOT do it.  We have people in our lives who should not have taken the path they took.  They have done their children no favors.

But if you have love and openness and know that space is  waiting to be filled by a child or children, then we highly recommend this path.

We check back in occasionally just to say there is not an atom of regret for us in our choices.  I hope it works out as  well for you.


Sky said...

Not an atom of regret here either.

My daughter couldn't be more MINE if our DNA matched. In fact, I'm so grateful that my eggs totally sucked or I wouldn't have her.

I never thought I would feel the loss of my genes and, guess what? I don't. I do hope she one day feels similarly - that this is how she came to be and that she's an amazing human being with a bright and beautiful future ahead of her. And that's that. And if someone in her life can't handle it, she should pity their closed mind and limits.

If I'd been 10 years younger, I would have had another (maybe 2 more).

DE Mommy said...


Peeveme said...

Aww. so good to read updates form you both. I too, am so happy with our decision to do DE.

arti said...
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