Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Checking In

I have to be honest:  I hate when the blogs I follow do not update regulary.  It's annoying, worrisome, and it makes me cranky.  So to the folks out here who are following:  my bad.  Work is crazy and also as this is my donor egg blog vs. my "regular" blog, I'm just more focused on discussing issues DE issues here than every thing else.  

So far, I'm not feeling a lot of "DE" issues. In fact, I mostly forget that this wasn't a traditional IVF procedure.  I'm certainly much, much less worried over this pregnancy since any of the others since DS.  I'm certainly having a lot more "signs" in this pregnancy (fatigue, nausea, boobage pain) than the other pregnancies.  I did look to see if this was related to age, and couldn't find any research that supports that.  So maybe there are two in here.  I'm not convinced, to be honest.  Maybe both blastocysts made it, but I'm thinking there is just one strong one in there.

That said, my best previous indicator that I was pg was being convinced I was not.  So maybe for the first time believing that there's only one in there, I'll be very surprised.  

The only DE issue that continues to work me us is seeing people whose cycles don't work.  It's very frustrating and sad and it still bothers me a lot.  

In any case, ultrasound next week to see how many people are in there!  I'm glad on the days I feel like crap, of which today would be one of them.

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