Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh, and I Forgot This

I was getting my hair cut last week and read an article about Courtney Cox in a magazine.  Her efforts to get pg through traditional IVF are well documented and I believe that the procedure was traditional IVF (with auto-immune treatments).  However, in the article, she was saying that she was trying to add a sibling to the family and she was exploring some "high tech options that involved freezing" or something like that.

If she had some frosties already, she would have already had another child or two.  And at age 45, I just don't think she's undergoing traditional IVF.  So if she does get pg soon, I think we can be assured it was the high tech option of donor egg, not FET.

Just a thought.  


Kate said...

I read this same article and had the exact same thoughts as you!!

Melbagirl said...

Hmmm ... I think you may be right. And good luck to her!

Sky said...

Yeah, there are no "high tech options that involve freezing" other than FET's and let's be serious here - she underwent years and years and years of miscarriages to get her one baby, so I hardly think she's got a couple of great blasts on ice (or she'd have used them for a sibling long ago!).

So the chances of her becoming pregnant again at age 45 with her own eggs are slim and none - and slim just left town!

Yeap, here's another donor egg cycle Hollywood Mama who is going to tell us she swam in the Fertility Lake (ala lying Nicole Kidman!) and was blessed with this unexpected pregnancy!