Tuesday, September 22, 2009


My parents are over today helping out while I catch up on some work. I can hear them comparing how the twins look to their cousins (on my side) and predicting how they will look just like X, Y or Z.


On the other hand, since my last post, I have been thinking to myself, "Well, myself, what do you see as just-like-you in these children that is possibly inherited from you."

Well, there are a couple of things:

1) TD is definitely an extrovert. She loves hearing background noise, especially music, and that is one sign of extroversion (needing external stimulation). I have no indication that the donor was an extrovert, but boy oh boy, I am one.

2) TD is also Very Loud. Again, no indication that the donor was but my voice can carry across a full, big classroom without a microphone. My ears have bled when I've picked up TD when she's on a tear. TS and DS are not really soft either, but TD...LORD, she's loud!

3) TD and TS have a lot of gas. I know that comes from bfing. But also, my family is known for being a bit gassy and since I believe what I eat affects what genes are turned on and off, that one I fully accept. TD, though, that girl can toot. She toots when I pick her up. She toots when she stretches. She toots when she coughs. She toots when she gets excited. She toots and toots and toots and toots. I'm not going to go into as much detail about my life experiences to demonstrate why we suspect she got that from me, but let's just day DH fully believes that comes directly from me. Teehee.

We can't tell about the hair yet. I have distinctive hair. The donor does not have the same hair as I, but has some history of it in her family. Every other day we think TD or TS is going to end up with my hair. It wasn't clear for DS until he was older that he does have my hair. So we don't know about these two. When it's wet, it looks like mine. But really, they are only 14 weeks old! We don't know what it will look like in 2 years' time.

I'm not mentioning TS as much because he looks and acts so much like DH and DS that nothing is really different. But since this is our first daughter and folks look for the similarities, it seems to be more of an issue.

Also, I'm not liking the TS and TD acronmys. I think I'm going to change it to Dear Twin Son and Dear Twin Daughter DTS and DTD becuase I don't want anyone to think that I don't think these two are just as dear to me as my first born. Or should I say "DS1 and DS2 and DD?" Thoughts? Precedent?

In any case, I'm looking forward to learning more about my children, all 3 of them, as they get older and more squiggly sweet and cute.

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Summer said...

I got my first "your son looks like you" comment this week. It was my first comment of this type, because usually the people we have the most contact with know about our donor. After a pause, I said, "you think so?" I guess I don't know what else to say because although I have no problem with this person knowing we used an egg donor, I also didn't feel like going into the whole story at that moment. And really, what would have been the point? She obviously meant it as a compliment and I think all I would have done would be to make her feel awkward.

Haven't had any "looks like" comments from family who don't know yet about our donor. In that case, I'm not sure what I'll do. It would feel weird not to say anything because then it would start feeling like a lie and then when would it be a good time to bring it up again? I have to give this some thought soon about what I'll say because we are going to a family wedding in a couple of months and it will likely come up.

For your kids' pseudonyms, I like DTS and DTD better--just less thinking about which DS you are referring to. Don't know what the precedent is for referring to twins are, but I like your ideas.