Monday, October 12, 2009

Therapeutic Posting

The odd thing about those last couple of posts is how much they let out a fear in me. After posting about my concerns about whether my twin son and daughter look like me, I stopped caring. I stopped looking for it.

I am sure that my posting that the child toots like me may put some of you off. But trust me. There is a family resemblance. And it's becoming more and more clear that these children (DTS and DTD) have much more of *my* temperament than DS does. They are LOUD. They have tempers. They laugh when they are crying. And they are snuggly.

I could argue that all of those temperamental characteristics are related to hormonal products of me. My daughter is like me. Period. She's a boatload prettier. But temperamentally? She's like me. Or grammatically correct, she is like I (am). And the poor thing toots. She tooted herself awake last night and it scared her and she cried. I, of course, laughed. Cuz it was dang funny. DTS is not so much a tooter. But he's got opinions about how things should be. And if you knew me in real life, you'd know that comes from me, too.

Things are actually going well here. We are figuring out the whole sleep thing. And we are bonding like glue. Breastfeeding is going very well. I'm still about 10 lbs above what I was when I got pg. But I think that will come off when they start eating solids and my body stops freaking out about having enough fat to feed two children.

Things are well over here in DE land. What ever "wound" I needed to lance in the last couple of posts is gone. We've left it for now and are just being a regular family. It's great.

And to Music Maker Mommy et al who worry that we stop posting when we get pg, some will. Some won't. I predict new blogs emerging as DE parents move through the parenting process and blogs become more common.

I will say that there are not that many of us out here. I need you all to bounce ideas off of and to see how you're dealing with things also.

However, at this point, I need to go to sleep. And I need to snuggle with my two baby bunnies. I get my big boy bunny snuggles tomorrow morning when DE Daddy makes us breakfast and all three of my children and I cuddle in bed. It's the best time of the day.


Lanie said...

I'm an occasional reader and fellow DE Mommy myself. And I can agree that when I start to feel "off" about the process, I get my feeling out, and then the issues seems to go away.

I'm glad that you are feeling like a "normal" family. Its the best feeling isn't it?

The other day, my DS's doctor asked me about eye problems in the family. I told him all about my father's eye condition and discussed how I'm screened for it on a regular basis by my docs. Then, there was a pause, and I realized that I needed to correct that statement - since there are no eye diseases on our donor's side. Duh!!!

But, its a pretty great feeling when you forget. :-)

Kami said...

I haven't been here for a bit so congrats on the birth of your babies!

Also, I get the resemblance talk issues - it was easier to imagine than live what I would do. For better or worse, most people know that our daughter is a DE baby. Most don't talk about us looking / acting similarly and when they do it seems forced to me.

Anyway, I don't see a bit of me in our DD. Sometimes that hurts - especially when I see traits that I know exist both in our donor and in Brad but not in me. Since I am the primary care give right now, I know that is genes and not my womb environment nor the environment I create for her. Still, most of the time she is just who she is and it doesn't matter where her genes are from.

Summer said...

Sometimes just voicing the fears takes away their powers. I have found that to be the case myself.

Glad to hear you and your family are doing well!

indigo doe said...

Resemblance. I think they will resemble you, with having two eyes and one nose and the other usual parts in all the usual places. My boys have blue eyes and mine are brown, but I carry a blue eyed gene. And I don't like that 'real' parent stuff either, the real parent is the one with the poop up her fingernails and a $5 opening balance on babies university fund. I would tell no one, as it is no one's business. These babies were conceived out of love. Period. Do non-DE conceptions go into detail? (yah, her leg was perpendicular to the headboard and I think I pulled a hamstring!)

Anonymous said...
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