Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Diddly Squat

Fortunately, I have nothing new to report.  The donor has not balked or tested positive for an STD.  I am just living life and waiting for the "real" part of the cycle to start.

I have told a few more people in my world what is going.  99% of the people who know are people 1)  whom I trust to not tell a soul, 2) who don't know anybody in my day-to-day world, or 3) who don't give a shit.  There is only one person I've told who I think could say something, but I've given her the story of what to say:  she can say she  knows "somebody" who has used DE, but she can't say it's me.  I think it's wrong to not let others know thatDE  is a viable option.  Nonetheless, there's that one neighbor of mine who has already stated her discomfort with a friend who used a surrogate.  I do not want her to EVER know we've used DE.  We might as well write it in neon around our city and have her comment that it's not our "real child" as a subtitle.

One thing that is funny is that since we seriously considered adoption, I don't worry about thinking a DE child will be mine.  It is so not even a part of my mindset that sometimes I don't understand it.  But I fully realize that when DE Daddy and I were dating we never expected that we would be able to conceive on our own.  So our son is ths shock, not that we're on some other path to finish building our family.

I still need to post on the spate of twins in Hollywood for the 40+ women.  Bleah.  I was all worked up when I read it.  Now it's late and I want to go to bed.  


DCat said...

Sounds like things are going well!! It's funny how when you adjust to adopting, the DE thing seems to fit just as well. If that makes any sense at all. I guess being and adoptive mom I can't imagine letting genetics be a roadblock in how much I love my daughter. Love is just love. Can't wait to hear mor good news!!

Summer said...

This is the part where boring is good!

stacyb said...

love is just love...glad that things are moving along.

and love is just love...that's what is so beautiful about it. genetics don't matter.

stacyb said...

oops sorry meant to just post one of those sentences... :-)

Kate said...

I still worry about all the people we've told- many times I wish we could go back and have told no one. It just such a private thing to me- I know everyone is different. I can't wait to read about your Hollywood twins

Sky said...

Hey girl, I love the dig you toss in every here and there about Hollywood forthsomething women having babies with the entire planet believing it's their genetic offspring. Yeah, right-o!

Once you're a woman over 40 and realize how truly dismal the chances of a genetically-related baby is, you view the Hollywood nursery with a whole new set of eyes - that's for sure!

Feel free to check out my own little rant on the subject:

Sky said...

Oops! Too long in post - here it is, on 2 lines: