Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Sarah Jessica Parker, age 44, is expecting twins this summer.  She is using a surrogate carrier.  And one might seriously suspect that at age 44, with twins, she's also using an egg donor.  

More power to her.


Sky said...

Twins?! Give me a friggen break!!! Absolutely, positively donor eggs. C'mon!

Now, she doesn't "owe" anyone that truth but, of course, she'll probably offer up an unsolicited claim about having to use fertility drugs to retrieve her eggs and I'll have to control my gag reflex.

You don't want to tell - then don't. But don't offer up a lie in advance of the question.

Ugh, I'm going to have to look her up now - hadn't a clue. Thanks for sharing. :)

Sky said...

Hey there fellow DE gal,

I'm reaching out individually to my blog buddies to let them know I'm going undercover :) (just made my blog private)

Please send me an email to skygarrett@yahoo.com so I can add you to the list. You'll only have to sign in once then and check off "remember me" and I think that's it, it'll be open to you always in future.


Kami said...

Ok, I am late with this, but 1000 to 1 it is DE. I wish people were more honest about it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I guess she couldn't get around the surrogate aspect, but why deny the DE aspect?

Anonymous said...

Actually she went through IVF for her first. It's very possible that there were embryos left over from that cycle. Either way, it really is no-ones business but theirs.

Sky said...

Anonymous - even if Sarah Jessica Parker did have IVF for her first child, that would have put her at 37 conceiving the first. No way in hell did she not only get 2 more normal embryos from that lot AND froze them for 6 years AND both were still viable, never mind the less than stellar stats for FET).

Yeah, okay - if you believe that, I have a nice, shiny bridge for sale - cheap!

As for it being "no one's business but theirs," I'm in agreement - true enough. BUT the first time she offers up some bogus story about having to stim her ovaries for another woman to carry - all bets are off, she's fair game! If it's private, then shut up and don't offer up lies that only reinforce the fallacy that celebrity women in their mid 40's get pregnant all the time by IVF. Ain't true!

Sky said...

Hey honey, where are you? Miss your posts - just a quick one to know how you're doing! Pretty pleeeeease?