Thursday, June 19, 2008


What an eventful day.

I have not been feeling "right" about the donor we chose second. There were several characteristics that were bothering me, including finding out in her genetic history that a close relative has hypothyroidism. Although the clinic says that it is not worth worrying about, the research I saw (from even that lame institution Stanford U) says that there is a genetic component to hypothyroidism. Yes, it's easily (easily!) treatable, but it was a concern.

So Dave and I went back to the pool of candidates and found (oh, God, can I say this?) "her." She's shorter than I am, has had 8 out of 9 successful cycles, started college at 16, has the same odd ethnicity that I do, has wavy hair (according to her pictures and the coordinator's statements), she's really pretty (much prettier than DE Daddy or me), AND SHE SAID YES!!!

The coordinator placed a call just to see what she was thinking about cycling this summer and she said yes, yes, yes!!!

This is once again an example of trusting my guts. I just knew my Monday that our first donor wasn't going to cycle. And this second one just kept making me feel anxious. (oh, I forgot to admit, we were going for another donor---the one who looks like DE Daddy---but her last cycle wasn't successful and they ended up with only 4 frosties. That freaked me out and we moved on)

Oh, I hope this is it. They start her testing soon and I think they are going to be able to work around my conference in CA. Hooray!! I feel so much better than I did this morning!!


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Thank goodness I get to do another happy dance. I'm hoping it catapults me into labor!!!! Yay for you!

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