Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Crappity Crap.

Our golden donor has decided to withdraw from the program. That is fine. Really. Part of the ethics of my career involves fully informing people of their ability to withdraw from participating in events. Nonetheless, I thought our clinic had gotten a verbal affirmation of her participation last week and apparently they did not.

That makes me cranky.

Also, our #2 choice has pulled out which is ok. I was having reservations about her. Our #3-5 choices are still in. None of them have my hair. Two are tall and one is not (at all!). One looks a lot like DE Daddy and one looks a bit more like me. Well, at least she has my ethnicities. The one who looks a lot like DE Daddy is very smart and very athletic. The one who looks (more) like me is available when we'll be in California.



midlife mommy said...

That sucks!! I know how that feels, and I'm sorry.

This time, we didn't get our first choice either (she just stopped returning calls to the egg broker). But, having gone through it once already with a different donor, I came to realize that, at least for me, the most important thing was to get the damned journey started already.

It will all work itself out. And then on to the good stuff.

stacyb said...

im sorry. i'll echo MM and say : that sucks. on the other hand great that you have back up, fabulous actually.

Anonymous said...

crap! thank goodness for the backup choices!!

Kate said...

Ugh! More ups and downs on this roller coaster! I feel for you! You'll find just the right person soon enough!