Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thawing Set

The nurse called late Friday afternoon with the update. First, she says my lining looks perfect. (yay!) However, they are going to wait to thaw out the eggs until Friday not Monday as we originally thought. The embryologist doesn't want to thaw them Saturday-Weds (vacation, I'm imagining) and my RE will not be in the office next Monday so they are working all around their schedules. Apparently, the embryologist and my RE are very keen on being very involved in this process; I think that is good news.

They are aiming for a 5 day transfer which would be May 14. From what I've seen in the literature, frozen eggies often go at a 3 day transfer, although some do make it to 5 days. I don't know if for those who do 3 days it's because the embryos looks so crappy or if that's the clinic's policy. I am still surprised to hear of places that still routinely do 3 day transfers because I was under the impression that 5 days are much, much better.

So we're on the way. And I'm excited to be going forward but trying very hard not to become to invested in one outcome or the other. I want to go ahead and have the answer. But then I also want the best shot we can have for this.

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stacyb said...

great news! day five is good for the transfer because they embryos have reached the blastocyst stage of development and have an even better chance of sticking. although day three transfers have a decent chance as well. Either way it is exciting.

May 14 is just around the corner!