Saturday, May 10, 2008


Nobody made it until this morning. I start prometrium tonight and reduce my estrogen so that I will get my period in about a week.

We'll be setting up a meeting with my RE and the embryologist to discuss what happened. I guess then I can share all the research I was hording trying to not offend their knowledge.

Part of going through this is saying that we "tried" even if we don't end up with a baby. However, this feels like it shouldn't count. We didn't get to "try". I want a do over.

And to my dear friend who has been so worried about me and as anxious as I have been about this cycle, the one who gave me her extra eggs, it's ok. You were such a generous person to have thought of sharing your bounty of joy with me. That is so kind. It's sad it didn't work out, but I'm left with the knowledge that there are truly kind people in this world.


Tina said...

:( I'm sorry...

DD said...

First of all, I'm terribly sorry you got bad news. It sucks, plain and simple.

On the one hand I applaud your clinic's willingness to try to follow another's protocol in thawing. Our clinic will not, which is why we were unable to go with a donor embryo FET. The only donor egg cycles they do are fresh.

I don't know if the donor would be willing to go through a fresh cycle for you, but right now I know you want to understand better what happened to avoid whatever error there was the next time.

DE Mommy said...


We were the first ever in the history of our clinic to bring in outside frosty anythings. And then we had to have a pretty serious legal document to make sure it was legit.

I'm going to be debriefing a lot more about this, but my main thoughts rest at my friend's generosity....and a little bif of anger at the embryologist for messing this up.

midlife mommy said...

Oh, I am so sorry. That sucks, sucks, SUCKS. I totally understand wanting a do over. Hugs.