Monday, May 19, 2008


Last week, I emailed the clinic where the eggs were frozen. I wanted to let them know about the dismal outcome of the eggs. They emailed back today that they usually have a 85% thaw rate, a 66% fertilization rate, they implant 3 eggs and there is a 25% pregnancy rate. They told me there is a learning curve for this procedure and they were sorry my clinic didn't have more experience.

Although this was exactly what I wanted to know , it has made me so sad. We should have had a chance with these frozen eggs.

I'm not sure I properly grieved not getting a chance with this first cycle. I moved so quickly to the DE cycle 2, that I haven't fully let out how angry, disappointed and sad I really am about the crappy thawing. This dude should not have undertaken the procedure if he was not qualified to do so.

My jaw is really tight lately. I think this grief is going to get out of me one way or another.


midlife mommy said...

I don't know anything about frozen eggs, but that's an amazing success rate. I don't blame you for being upset! Are you going to show the e-mail to your clinic?

DE Mommy said...

Yes, it's not bad. But when I "bet" I want a good percentage. I know enough about statistics to know that anything under 50% is NOT likely to happen and anything over 50% is more likely to happen. It's why the SDFC, with it's 80% success rate for fresh DE is so appealing.

And heck yeah, we're taking this email in. They owe us an explanation for this poor performance.