Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Holy Freaking Shit

We ended up with 14 frozen embryos.  

That means with the 2 that are digging around in my body (and can I just say OH!  I'm having real cramps), we ended up with 16 out of 21 high quality embryos.

I am *only* putting this number on this blog and am telling only one or two friends about this.  Clearly, we are excited, but realize we are going to have several serious choices down then road.

But right now,  hooray!!! Something is going to work out some how!!

(And yes, I do feel guilty for others out there reading the blog who are not getting as good as news.  I am sorry.  I hope my 8 miscarriages allow a little softer feelings directed our way)


Summer said...

Holy Freaking Shit is right! It must feel so good to know that your future kid(s) are very likely in those 16 somewhere!

Of course, I will be hoping that one or two of them are making a home in your uterus right now.

musicmakermomma said...

Congratulations! Never feel bad for your own good luck, your empathy for others is wonderful but don't let that dampen your happiness now!!!

Can't wait to hear how things progress.

midlife mommy said...

Congratulations! And you have nothing to apologize for. Fingers crossed!

Peeveme said...

I agree with the have nothing to apologize for. Yes, decision down the line but for now you have some implanting to do.