Friday, October 24, 2008

Update on Eggs

Well, things are so far looking good. They retrieved 26 eggs and 22 are mature. They are going to call us today and let us know how the ICSI and fertilization rate. They decided to go ahead and fertilize all 22 of them.

This is all good news for us, but I am sad for one important person. Our clinic has a policy of freezing any extra eggs past 20. One reason is: what is a couple going to do with 10 extra embryos after they have twins? With an 80% success rate with fresh embryos and a 70% success rate with FETs, couples in this clinic are probably often faced with this issue. In fact, I came to this clinic because my good friend had 15 frozen unfertilized eggs that she donated to me. I guess because it was so "easy" to get those eggs, I thought it must be a common occurrence. Apparently, having extra eggs to freeze is not all that common.

We wanted to give these extra eggs to a good friend of ours who, as we do, really wants to have a baby. In every, single scenario I've imagined for this cycle, we were going to have extra eggs to give her and she was going to get a "good" chance with these frozen eggs. I felt like we would be paying karma forward.

So I am very happy for us. I think we may actually have a chance with these eggs, although like Summer said, when it's your cycle, you expect the next news to be bad. But I am very sad for our friend. I feel like we promised her something we can't deliver and took back an incredibly precious gift.

I feel like this post sounds sad even though we have some great news. And I'm not sad for us. But I am sad for my friend. And sadness while trying to get pregnant? Well, that's an emotion I'm used to.

Also, my ass hurts like hell. PIO doesn't hurt going in, but my booty is wondering what the hell it ever did to me for me to treat it like that

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Summer said...

I completely understand wanting to pay the good karma forward. We were hoping to do something similar for relatives who are also struggling with infertility but the chances are slim we'd be able to donate any extra embryos since we'd like to have more than one child.

However, I'm so happy for you and your 22 eggs! You know that good feeling I had for your retrieval? Well, now I am having good feelings for your fertilization rate.