Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So far, so really, really good.

They transferred 2 blastocysts that were just beginning to hatch.  The doctor said they look "great".  The embryologist said that they were starting to hatch is a good sign that they are going to continue developing.  The hatching thing, in the DE Mommy household, means that the embryos have got their downpayment in their pockets and are looking for a good location to buy their house.  

I am actually not overly stressed right now that things might not work out.  They have already frozen 9 other blastocysts (a number the embryologist called very "unusual" and "good") and it's possible that there are another 2-5 yet that could make the grade for the clinic to freeze them.  

At this point, things seem good.  I'm "taking it easy" for the next three days.  I don't need to be flat on my back, but they'd prefer I stay off my feet, so I am going to.  

I'm already feeling a little crampy.  I hope the little guys have decided the location has a good view and it's time to dig out the foundation.


Egged Out said...

Congrats on a succesful transfer and some frosties! I've been away for a while but I just checked in. Thinking of you this cycle!

musicmakermomma said...

That is great! Since we are so close in cycle I'm going to hope I have as good luck with my embies.

Peeveme said...

Just amazing! HOW the heck are you going to stay sane until Beta? I'm so happy for you.

DE Mommy said...


I am already planning on the parade of HPTs to start on Sunday. Are you kidding? All my psychological tests have me scoring low in impulse control. i don't even try to fight it any more!


Summer said...

That's terrific! And I love your analogy for hatching blasts.