Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Testing Continues

I went back in today for my second ultrasound and bloodwork.  My lining is 7 and I do have a triple stripe.  (yay!)

The clinic in San Diego has decided to monitor my blood work more closely this go round, so they are running several different tests including a CBC and other clotting measures (I think).  I'm on the auto-immunie pregnancy protocol despite the fact that I do not have the MTHFR (which I pronouce to myself in quite profane terms) mutation.  Nonetheless, 8 miscarriage and only one for sure we know is genetically caused could be an indication of auto-immune problems.

I've requested their input on what we should do in regards to staying on heparin and prednisone.   love this clinic because they've decided to monitor me every two weeks while I'm on the auto-immune meds.  I *think* that if they see changes after I get pg, they'll keep me on the meds and if they don't, they'll take me off at 12 weeks.  

I'm just speculating here, but since I've never been monitored before while on heparin and I've asked them about using heparin for a limited time or a full time, it makes sense to me. 

Plus as DE Daddy says, more monitoring can't be bad.  

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Summer said...

Sounds like things are moving along well.

It's great that the clinic is taking extra measures for this cycle!