Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Retrieval is Thursday

One weird thing about using an out of state clinic is getting on the airplane and thinking, "Holy crap, we are going to California to get pregnant.  This is a BIG deal."  

Trust me on this one.  

The retrieval is officially on for Thursday.   I went in today for my final uterus review:  it was perfect.  It's nice to hear one's woman parts are doing well and even attractive.  I don't have an estimate of the number of follicles right now, but everyone is very excited about it.  The nurse says "all the boxes are checked" for us to get pregnant.  We are planning on a 5 day transfer on Tuesday.  


I am still not fully convinced this is going to happen.  DE Daddy was late coming home the other day (by about 10 minutes).  I heard some sirens and I thought "well, that's it.  He's dead. That's this cycle's reason why it won't work."  I'm actually a positive person, but with all that's happened, I'm still not convinced about our good luck.

I think I need to go have a glass of wine.  While I can. 


DCat said...

Awesome!!!!!!!!Can't to hear the good news!!! Relax and enjoy and breathe deeply!!!! Our betas will be days apart!


Jennifer said...

Yay!!! So glad that everything is on track. I'll be sending lots and lots of good thoughts your way these next days!

Carroll said...

Woooo, so far, so good. I'll join you in a toast to your forthcoming good fortune. 9th time's the charm?

Anonymous said...

Best of luck - I am hoping all goes great for you!

Peeveme said...

OMG I am totally convinced that my DH will get in an accident the week before ER (he's traveling). I think I posted this on a comment somewhere (maybe here?) but I have a while script in my head about what I would do if that happened. I would extort the Dr.s for my Dh's organs. "You want his organs for donation fine Take 'em but I get the sperm." Crazy huh? But when you have worked for something for so long, so hard and are at such a critical point it's normal to expect something bad to happen. It's normal, right?

You are so close. It's happening! It's actually happening.

abogada2 said...

I am getting so excited for you -- good luck!

Summer said...

I have a feeling it will be a great retrieval!