Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Meds Starting

So I started the vivelle estrogen patches yesterday as well as my prednisone and heparin.  The donor doesn't go in for her antral follicle count until the end of the week.  Then we'll be able to compare her Fertile Myrtle follicels to my Fertile Turtle follices (I have 5). 

This was the first time I've found out how many resting follicles I have.  It's actually reassuring. 1) there is something happening in there and 2) that few means that IVF wouldn't work for me.  

It still amazes me how many doctors are willing to go through with traditional IVF for women when their antral follicle count strongly suggests that it won't work.  It makes me cynical wondering about their exact motivation for a procedure that will bring in money for them but in all likelihood will not provide a child to the couple.  I don't like to be cynical, but sometimes I am quite skeptical.

Anyhoo, we hope to get good news this week about our donor's healthy, high follicle count.


DCat said...

Can;t wait to hear the good news!
I read the infomration about the antral follicle count- never knew that! Good to know!!


Summer said...

I hope you get good news, too!

Carroll said...

All good thought heading your way from here. Let's hear it for them follicles!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I feel really out of the loop! I never knew they counted the resting follicles. I wonder if my RE did that? Maybe they told me and I just spaced this part?

midlife mommy said...

Good luck to you! Will the doctor be using estrogen patches the whole time? I would love to get away from the Estrace.