Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Easy Part

I wish I had known the last two months had been the easy part. Today was the trial transfer with the RE. The point was to make sure there would be no surprises if and when we get to the point of moving some blastocysts into my uterus. The doctor called me easy; just don't tell my husband.

The "work" for this cycle starts now at least from the doctor's perspective. He did acknowledge that our legal process may have been more work for us and I have to say I agree. Because we accepted anonymous donated frozen eggs from our friend and there have been horror stories upon horror stories of people who change their mind, the clinic wanted a legal document about the eggs. My friend and I naively thought we could simply have a piece of paper notarized and that would be it! (Or maybe that was just me.) Two months and $2500 later, we have a contract that covers these eggs as a gift, a donation and/or an adoption. The state I live in has laws that are still fluid in this area and our lawyer wanted to cover every possibility.

Some good news is that I am relieved to hear the doctor today say that the embryologist is very, very keen on this process being successful. As I've said, we're the first frozen eggs (donor or otherwise) that our clinic has worked with. Because my RE is understandably non-committal about the success of this venture, I'm glad to hear that the embyrologist is at least going to try really hard!! Why is it understandable that the RE should be so circumspect (to use his own words)? He's the one who'll be the bearer of bad news, should it come to that. He doesn't want to get my hopes up.

Honestly, after suffering 8 miscarriages since our son, I'm not altogether sure I believe that this is going to work out. I think that really, we're just spending $12,ooo so that 10 years from now I can say, "We did the best we could."

Of course, I'll be honest. I'm willing to go for another fresh donor egg cycle. So it's more likely to be "We spent $30,000 and we did the best we could."

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