Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I started Lupron 5 days ago. Lupron is the first step in a suppression cycle, which means they turn off all your hormones so that the next cycle they slowly start turning the hormones back on. In a regular IVF cycle, after AF arrived, I'd start estrogen and HCG to start egg production. For us, after AF starts, I'll just start estrogen. Then when my lining is looking good, they will thaw out our frozen eggs, DE Daddy will do his part, and then, hopefully, we'll transplant some good embies back into me.

So far the Lupron hasn't had that much of an effect on me. Well, much of a physical effect. Lupron essentially puts your body into a "false menopause". It can cause night sweats and hot flashes and even mood swings. So far, I'm not sweating any more than usual, but when I bit our poor dog's head off for barking more than I desired, my husband commented "Menopause, eh?"

Yeah. He has fun times to look forward to.

Just to make clear: we're using frozen eggs, not frozen embryos. It took me a while when my friend offered to understand that. In addition, we are the first couple at our infertility clinic to ever use frozen eggs. That is, they have never defrosted any ones before. So we get to be the lucky firsts. We're the lucky firsts in many ways at this clinic, so it makes me nervous. But if this works, it could make me very, very happy.

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