Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A New Sort of Two Week Wait

I went in on Monday for bloodwork to see if the lupron is working and an ultrasound to make sure I have no cysts. A nurse (not my usual one) called back to let me know that everything looks good and to start my estrogen patches.

"So you're having a frozen embryo transfer," she said.

"No, I'm having a frozen egg transfer," I corrected.

"Oh, OK." Pause. "We're still working out the protocol because your husband needs to start cipro. And we've got to work on timing. Because this is not a natural IVF cycle."

A natural IVF cycle. I have to say I laughed (in my head). Natural IVF. We've come a long way in ART when typical IVF is considered "natural."

In any case, I'm in a weird sort of two week wait. We go back on May 2 to check on my blood work and see how my lining is doing. It is completely possible that we thaw the eggies and go for it right then. However, we are more likely to wait until May 5 (a Monday) to thaw so that embryologist can keep a closer look on them while they develop.

Also, we're going to have to be really flexible on when the transfer date is. In the research I've seen, most frozen eggies are transfered at 3 days and lots (up to 5!) are transfered at once because defrosted eggs don't grow that well. I'm really, really hoping we get to do a 5 day transfer because the odds of them taking are much higher with a 5 day transfer than a 3 day one.

No matter what happens, in 2 weeks we'll know how many survived the thaw, how many are fertilized and certainly two weeks from today, we'll know how many are growing in what capacity.

Oh, yes, and now is the time for me to complain about how Dr. Thera Pissed advised me "not to think about this" unless I'm at the clinic. Just put it out of my mind and get on with the rest of my life. Tic-a-loc on my feelings and my thoughts on this DE IVF. Sure!! And then, by the force of my will alone, I will stop the tide from coming in. Isn't that advice along the same lines of saying "Don't feel that way", the #1 thing you are never supposed to say to another person who is having problems?


I'm doing fine with this. Either it works or we know we tried. So many weird things have happened in my life that seemed awful at the time and then led to something much better. So whatever happens now, we will just wait and see. For two more weeks, it appears right now.

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midlife mommy said...

Very interesting. Donor EGG transfer. I haven't read anything on this in awhile, but the last time I did, they hadn't figure out how to do it well. I'm so glad that you are getting this opportunity, and that it will be there for our children too. More options are always better. I will be following your adventure.