Wednesday, August 6, 2008

7 Day Update

As of today, our donor has 16 follicles measuring 13-14 mm. I take this to be unambigously good news.

Also, I found out that 7 mm (?) which is what my lining measured is the minimum level for success and therefore is just fine.

I've been meditating off and on these last few weeks, and had a great one today. I like the meditations where one prays/talks/asks and then listens. Somtimes I get answers. Today's meditation was that we're going down the right path. Things may change, but right now, we're doing what we should be doing.

I'm also pulling for the other new DE bloggers that I'm reading now and hoping for good news. I want us to all be in the same pg boat together.


Egged Out said...

Thanks for the support - I wish it was a positive to keep the BFP streak going.

Egged Out said...
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