Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cycle Cancelled

The donor tested positive for HIV. It is a false positive test--they've tested and retested and used tested and retested with 2 other tests and only one of the 5 tests came back positive. But the FDA considers any postiive a positive.

So the donor is now very upset and thinks she had HIV---I might too in her case. It would definitely freak me out. And the doctor called the cycle because the FDA could sue him or put him jail or something like that if he went forward.

We're ok. We're going to try to cut our trip short because there's no need to stay out for 2 weeks when my conference is one week and we can see our friends.

I'm ok. I still feel like today's meditation was right. We're on the right path. There's just a delay.


DCat said...

OMG!! HOw scary for both of you. I don't blame her for freaking out!!!!

I too have experienced delays in my cycle but you just have to ride them out. Soon enough we'll all be where we need to be! Hang in there!


Midlife Mommy said...

Oh, that's awful. For all of you.

FWIW, those tests can be weird. I can't give blood anymore because I had a miniscule reaction on one of four (?) bars on the Elisa test to some strange mediterranean virus, though I can't remember the name. It just so happened that the Red Cross counselor said that he'd had to counsel seven people in the previous week with the same type of Elisa results, and all of us had been given a flu shot within the last month. Nonetheless, we were all to be excluded. I took the test to my doctor, who laughed and tossed the results in the basket, telling me that it wasn't a positive test.

Carroll said...

Wow! I'm amazed at how calm you sound about this, DE Mommy! Impressive.

Sometimes it seems like all the progress we are making with medical science/miracles really s leading us astray -- like all of a sudden we have the ability to know too much. Fewer "miscarriages" in my day? Well, as you once pointed out, the pregnancy tests weren't nearly as sophisticated back then.

Here's to a peaceful respite for you during this unexpected glitch.

Pam said...

Aw crap. I'm glad that it's a false positive for her, but crap. Unfortunately shit like this happens. You can ask Cali over at Creating Motherhood. She had something similar happen to her last year.

Egged Out said...

That's awful!! Sorry! Here you were almost there and this happens. What a bummer. Didn't they test earlier? Why did this just come out now?

I'm really sorry and hope you can get things back on track quickly. Thinking of you.

m said...

You ARE on the right path. This is just a delay. You might recall that we had a TON of delays leading up to this point - first donor cycles canceled because of her newly discovered secondary infertility (!), other donors chosen but also not allowed because of false positives of one sort or another...I so wish you were cycling with me right now. But your meditation is beautiful. And apt. I'll be reading...