Monday, August 4, 2008

Update 2

Well, my lining is apparently OK. The clinic considers the next one, when I'm actually at the clinic, to be the more important one.

And we got an update on the donor's follicle count. She's doing well and not having any side effects from the drugs (yay!). I don't know whether to start the next sentence with "and" or "but." So I won't use any conjunction:

Her follicle count is 11 after 5 days of stimulation. My coordinator says this is "as expected" and their goal is 10-20 eggs for us. They are going to do another u/s on Wedsnesday, so we'll have another update then. The coordinator also says that this donor typically develops more eggs as the stimulation goes forward. We can expect 80% of the follicles to yeild mature eggs, so at this point, we're close to the minimum.

I know I'm asking the impossible: I'd really like unambiguously good news from now until we get that positive HPT.

Life doesn't work that way, so I have to learn this coping skill. Still, I would like to worry as little as possible until we're done.


Egged Out said...

I've done 6 IUIs and I thought I was ready for the process. But I found the DE IVF process very stressful. There are so many hurdles to pass - your lining, her follicles, how many eggs, how many are mature, how many fertilized, how many lasted the first 3 days, how many will make it to 5, how many to put in, how many made it to freeze...

Then the two week wait. It's like a 3 week nail biting exercise. I'm hoping for good news each step of the way for you and positively great news on the last step!

DCat said...

Things sound like they are falling into place which is really, really good!!!! I'll keeping sending positive vibes to the Universe for you!


Kate said...

Everything sounds good so far! The waiting game never ends- it's torture!

stacyb said...

sounds like everything is going well. no worrying today!