Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Donor

I think we have our new donor. We've officially chosen her, but the coordinator has not let us know if she's agreed to do this.

Taking your advice and speaking with DE Daddy, we're going with the best donor who meets most of our needs who is available *now*. DE Daddy's best point was asking if I was willing to sacrifice 6 weeks of my maternity leave to wait for That One Donor who looks great. I am not.

So our new donor is tallish with brown wavy hair (some close relatives have curly hair), has some college in her back ground and appears to be a super donor: Her last two cycles had 34-36 eggs. Her last cycle had 34 eggs with 32 mature eggs. 10 mature eggs were frozen, 10 high quality embryos were frozen and they are waiting on the beta results for the two excellent embies transferred to the intended parents.

We know that past behavior is not a guarantee of future behavior, but it's also our best guess.

We are hoping this is it.


Midlife Mommy said...

I hope that this is your "it" as well. Those are awesome statistics. I hope that she agrees!

Summer said...

I hope your new donor agrees to the cycle and she continues to be a super donor!

pofblogger said...


I am also undergoing DE IVF cycle this month.

I was just wondering that what is the no. of times that one has go through to monitor the lining?

I was given elleste solo and haven't had any scan until now, due to have one tomorrow after nearly 13 days of medication? Is this normal, sorry for a long comment!

I hope everything else is OK with you, good luck, love.

pofblogger said...

Sorry this is blog URL,


jodie38 said...

We did the same, went from Miss Right to Miss Right Now. Kind of nice to get it over with, after all the agonizing over the first donor. Fingers crossed that she works out for you.....Good luck!

Kate said...

Hey there- just getting caught up! Sheesh you've been through a lot just to get started! I'm keeping my fingers crossed this is the one for you!